Video is Out, Interactivity is In

Four things that videos CAN’T do [that Interactive Applications CAN]BLOG

  1. Allow for quick and easy content updates. Both technology limitations and the nature of a sequential video make it extremely difficult and expensive to alter content once created, often requiring a full reshoot.
  1. Operate across all platforms, without requiring additional add-ons (e.g. flash players in iPads.) Often times, videos have to be redeveloped or reformatted to play on multiple hardware devices, making the initial production cost very hefty.
  1. While watching a video, prospects aren’t able to choose their own journey as information is presented sequentially. Customers can only replay what they already watched, allowing a user very little freedom in terms of consumption.
  1. Cannot easily engage or allow customers to interact because videos are a one-way conversation, as they do all the talking in the demonstration, not the user. Interactive applications put customers ‘in the driver’s seat’ to navigate content based on relevance to their business needs and interests, creating a more targeted buyers journey.

Interactivity allows for engagement, relevance, and real-time content updates that give
marketers the ability to identify, customize, and deploy the right message to each stakeholder in the sales cycle, making them more educated buyers.

Companies like Kaon Interactive help provide solutions to the things that videos cannot by giving B2B companies a way to fully immerse their customers into an engaging sales experience. This can be accomplished by offering virtual 3D product demonstrations and interactive storytelling applications, displayed on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, websites, and touch screen appliances. The interactive 3D product models (which look and behave exactly like the products) allow prospects to interact with products from every angle, explore features and benefits (open doors, change components, demonstrate workflow processes, etc.), and control their own personalized experience based on individual preferences.

Interactive product storytelling helps companies visually communicate even their most complex value story by orchestrating a guided sales tour where customers can navigate relevant messages, presentations, collateral, and more to discover how a product/solution will aid in resolving their unique business challenge.

Why sit on the sidelines watching a video, when you can be an active participant? Imagine the endless possibilities of reusable interactive cross-platform content, which allows marketers and the sales team to generate engaging experiences ONCE and deploy them EVERYWHERE without being redesigned.

Don’t miss out! It’s time to join the ‘interactive’ revolution and use 3D applications and interactive storytelling to more efficiently reach your target audiences.

About Kristy Pauloski

Marketing Professional and MBA graduate from Salve Regina University.
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