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Software Advice Asks Kaon CEO How to Improve Sales and Marketing Strategy Through Effective Brand Guidelines

In a November Gartner research article by Andrew Friedenthal in Software Advice™, Gavin Finn, President and CEO of Kaon Interactive, stressed the importance of marketers being clear and consistent across their, and their organization’s, messaging. “When marketers create value messaging, the customer’s expectation … Continue reading

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Marketers Challenged to Increase Sales Enablement Efforts in 2014

2014 has arrived with new trends and technologies marketers will be forced to adapt to in the ever-changing B2B market place. There’s an evolution taking place where marketers NEED to become technology savvy, or they may be left in the prehistoric … Continue reading

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Sales Enablement – Is There Anything More Important?

There is an increasing body of evidence pointing to a need for sales and marketing organizations to refocus their combined efforts on processes and tools for comprehensive Sales Enablement. But wait, marketers will protest, Sales Enablement is only one of … Continue reading

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