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Positioning and Differentiation – Why Consistency Matters

What is “positioning”? We often use that term when discussing our marketing or sales message, particularly in connection with a discussion about competition. Some marketers try to “position” their brand, their company, or their products. But really, positioning is the distinctive … Continue reading

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Putting customers first

Whatever your opinions may be regarding the recent NY Times Op-Ed piece by Greg Smith, one aspect of his criticism of his former employer is chilling: His view that they put their own interests first, above those of their clients. … Continue reading

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Lead Gen Tracking Technologies for Trade Shows– What value do they bring?

Lead tracking technologies for trade shows aren’t new. But even though they’ve been around a while, few improvements have been made to really showcase their value. Sure, they’ll all tell you who’s been to the booth, whether you’re relying on … Continue reading

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