Lead Gen Tracking Technologies for Trade Shows– What value do they bring?

Lead tracking technologies for trade shows aren’t new. But even though they’ve been around a while, few improvements have been made to really showcase their value. Sure, they’ll all tell you who’s been to the booth, whether you’re relying on badge scanners, RFID or QR Codes. The problem is they don’t tell much more than that. And they never truly qualify the desire of the individual within your booth to buy.

Compound that with the fact that tracking on the show floor of any kind is an arms race. Trade show exhibitors control what you’re using and only want you to use their provided lead retrieval software. While there are a few solutions exhibitors can purchase on their own, they’re not always compatible with the badges that are issued, making them moot.

So what’s the point of employing technology that you’re arm-twisted to use and doesn’t really tell you what you need to know anyway? We’re not so sure. At the end of the day we believe the best lead generation tool is delivered by creating an engaging impression on the customer. SO much so, that they come back to you. Only then do you know that they are interested and qualified.

If you’re going to spend money on lead gen, spend it on the customer experience you create within your booth, not the scanner.

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