What Does Cloud Computing Mean For Marketers?

In the words of Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com, “The cloud services companies of all sizes…The cloud is for everyone.” The idea of hosting information in a ‘cloud’ appeals to many as it can allow businesses to utilize less hardware, decrease energy costs, and some people find that cloud-based applications are easier implement and use. Some skeptics believe storing data in the cloud is not as secure or reliable as they would like; however, for others cloud computing allows them to feel secure that their information is backed up regardless of whether a certain local device crashes.

But above and beyond just storing data, cloud-based applications can be utilized to revitalize marketing organizations with one huge benefit—complete mobility. Because cloud-based apps can be run seamlessly from remote devices, sales and marketing content can immediately be retrieved from iPads, SmartPhones or laptops at a moment’s notice. And with sophisticated applications this can mean having full presentations, demonstrations, and a complete catalog of virtual product demonstrations at any sales professional’s fingertips. Regardless of whether a corporation is interested in storing their information in the cloud, there is definitely value in investigating how cloud-based applications can better equip your business with a sales and marketing toolkit for presentations: anywhere, anytime.

Below are three marketing thought leaders who utilize cloud computing as part of their solution offering that can be used on a wide variety of platforms:

  • Kaon Interactive—Photorealistic 3D product models and interactive solutions stories
  • SalesForce.com—CRM Solutions Business Software
  • WebEx—Collaborative meetings and presentations
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