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Outdoor enthusiast, arts lover & supporter and sales leader with several successful start up and large corporate experiences. Now focused on delivering interactive sales tools to help drive sales and engage customers that help sales and marketing organizations "save" money & "Show" how their products and solutions solve real business challenges.

The Year-End Push & Future Investment

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my year-end and next year’s strategy for our sales team’s success.  As the current year comes down to those final 30 days our thoughts always turn to “what can we do to … Continue reading

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Personalized Sales Newsletters

I recently read a well written newsletter written by a sales manager from Oklahoma in the financial industry and it reminded me of an important fact that I had long forgotten: every sales professional needs to consider boosting their own … Continue reading

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Getting to the Sales Presentation…

Back in the day when I was a young sales pup it was all about relationship selling. Anyone with the personality to create strong relationships quickly would get the sale more often than not. We sold on instinct, our gut, … Continue reading

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