Personalized Sales Newsletters

I recently read a well written newsletter written by a sales manager from Oklahoma in the financial industry and it reminded me of an important fact that I had long forgotten: every sales professional needs to consider boosting their own brand image on a regular basis.

And it’s not just a one-way conversation – it’s also a great way for sales to know what’s on your clients’ minds. Clients use the newsletter to interact with you– asking questions, thanking the author for explaining complex topics and sometimes even disagreeing with you.

Writing your own content can be the best marketing you will ever do because it is genuine. Your clients and prospects really know what you’re thinking. They will understand how you can help them solve their business challenges. The personal touch of a newsletter you write yourself helps you connect with current and prospective clients in a way generic material never could. While your corporate newsletter has a separate set of value propositions and is an important part of the corporate marketing strategy, a more personal newsletter lets you connect with your clients and prospects on a more personal level.

Think about the parallels between a well written personal newsletter connecting ‘you’ to your prospects in a healthy 2-way discussion and the use of an interactive sales tool that delivers a compelling and engaging educational experience to customers and prospects that helps them make more informed buying decisions faster.

Improve your brand today! Start your newsletter now and look into interactive sales and marketing solutions as way to educate and further connect with your clients and prospects.

About kaonsalessavant

Outdoor enthusiast, arts lover & supporter and sales leader with several successful start up and large corporate experiences. Now focused on delivering interactive sales tools to help drive sales and engage customers that help sales and marketing organizations "save" money & "Show" how their products and solutions solve real business challenges.
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