How to Measure Your Social Media Activities Using Google Analytics

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How to Measure Your Social Media Activities Using Google Analytics by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner.

Number one challenge all google-analytics-examplesocial media users face is measuring.

Utilize Google Analytics to see what is coming through social media and how much traffic is coming from activities vs organic. Set goals for your social media on Google Analytics so you can see if your actions are improving or declining efforts.

Specifically use the Google UTM (Urchin Tracking Monitor) tracking to spot trends, test keywords and articles, understand how your efforts contribute to traffic and goals, and prove your investment in time and effort is returning something.

Your social teams should be reviewing all social media channels month by month to understand where they should be spending their time. They should also set goals within the tools so they can determine whether their actions are improving the sites or resulting in a decline.

Key takeaway: Use Google Analytics to determine trends, patterns, and accomplish goals throughout your social media accounts. 

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