Power the Bottom of the Funnel with Sales Enablement

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 7 of 9

Power the Bottom of the Funnel with Sales Enablement, Deborah Farese, Hubspot.

First and foremost, you need to understand your buyer persona, i.e. name, demographics, goals, habits, and needs.

This will give you a sense of how you should talk to your prospect.

Then, you need to focus on the buyer’s journey. Many studies show that 2/3 of a buyers research is completed before even reaching out to sales. Therefore, you need to start thinking of the buyers journey:

  • Awareness- when a IMG_6699person realizes there is something wrong
  • Consideration- Here is my problem and the goal I would like to achieve
  • Decision- Time to decide what is the best way to fix my problem and reach my goal

Here are 6 tips to help your company power the bottom of the funnel with sales enablement:

  1. Prioritize leads and help leverage triggering events
    1. A triggering event surfaces pain
  2. Lead with customer pain points in your pitch deck
    1. Give buyers something they can relate too
    2. Be different, connect with the people you are selling too
    3. Show them what you are doing that can help them overcome their pain
  3. Create a diagnostic checklist for reps to use in exploratory meetings
    1. Create a guide for reps to use to surface a prospects pain point
      1. Show them the pain that they may not even know they have
    2. Do research on your prospect’s company and website to see where they can improve
  4. Optimize the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) offers for keywords comparison shoppers use
    1. 78% of business software buyers begin their evaluation with a web search
  5. Monitor social media for conservations with buyers
    1. 1 in 3 US buyers are influenced by social media in their purchases
    2. Look where your buyers are creating conversations on forums
      1. Monitor buyers activity and you can learn a lot from their actions
  6. Develop a community of customer advocates to help tell your story for you
    1. Customers are key in your BOFU (bottom of the funnel) for referrals, references, case studies, product reviews, and social media responses
    2. Your customers are your biggest advocates

Overall, understand that a buyer’s journey has began long before they reach out to a sales rep. Don’t tell them information they already know, feed them new insights and pain points.

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