The Unified Business Model (The Future of Sales & Marketing)

Here it is, the last post about my INBOUND 2015 experience. Hope you learned something from my series of posts.

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 9 of 9

The Unified Business Model (The Future of Sales & Marketing) by Oliver Lopez from Structsales.


80% of leads converted are never turned into sales.


What is the unified business model?

  • One organization (Sales and marketing working together)
  • One process
  • One set of highly relevant KPIs

Cold calling should be enhanced by a strong collaboration with marketing so both marketing and sales proactively produce significant amounts of new business. Your MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and your SQLs (sales qualified leads) need to be clearly defined within the organization to avoid conflict. Marketing should be nurturing based on what the contacts have done before, i.e. downloaded white papers, visited a specific page of your site.  Focus your attention on existing leads who are not yet ready to buy and those who you’ve lost before.

Your CLOSERS (Sales managers or VPs) should ignore leads who are not able to buy (Nurture them or they should go to inside sales).

Once you meet with a customer, stop all forms of communication that are normally distributed to new prospects to make them aware of your company.

That’s a wrap! Three long days of sessions and presentations bundled up in short descriptions.  Overall, my experience at INBOUND 2015 was awesome and inspirational. I learned a great deal of information and hope you did too from reading my posts!

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