Introducing the Kaon Laboratory Design Tool, Changing the Way Laboratory Devices are Purchased and Sold

This week, Kaon Interactive announced the launch of its Laboratory Design Tool (LDT) — a first-of-its-kind, interactive laboratory plan and design tool that enables the visualization of laboratory configurations and communicates the unique value of laboratory products and services. Using the power of 3D modeling, augmented reality and virtual reality, this tool personalizes the lab product buying process, like never before, as future evolutions of laboratories unfold with stunning realism.

Kaon LDT empowers multiple buyers within the laboratory ecosystem to visualize complex instruments, equipment, and workflows, in a “virtual” layout, prior to purchasing equipment or committing to construction plans.

Designing a Lab of the Future

Expanding its digital transformation solutions for life science brands, the Kaon LDT is the newest addition to the portfolio of solutions built on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform®. Users start configuring their lab either by free-drawing a laboratory layout themselves or selecting from pre-defined lab spaces that meet their specific business needs. Once a floor plan has been selected or created, instruments and furnishings may be added from a library of objects, using a simple drag-and-drop action. These 2D floor plans instantly become 3D immersive and interactive experiences at the touch of a button.

The Kaon LDT is customizable to allow data-driven product and workflow suggestions for unique laboratory layouts, revealing differentiated value through calculated impact such as assay volume, energy requirements, space requirements, and even staffing modifications. It also helps demonstrate future layout evolutions by supporting comparisons between existing and new workflows, validating proper fit and flow, optimizing space, improving efficiency, lowering operational costs, reducing sample loss contamination, and more.

Immediately Visualize and Experience Your Lab

In just minutes, the Kaon LDT enables laboratory managers, instrument sales and marketing teams, and lab scientists to configure entire laboratories and immediately immerse users in a newly designed lab. To achieve this, the Kaon LDT offers three powerful ways to visualize and experience a new, engaging, 3D, interactive laboratory layout: interactive 3D, scalable augmented reality and untethered virtual reality.

View the power of the Kaon LDT (as demonstrated by a Kaon customer):

“Visual interactive applications are the next phase in digital transformation for B2B enterprises,” said Gavin Finn, CEO & President of Kaon Interactive. “Technologies such as interactive 3D product and environment models, virtual reality and augmented reality all offer enterprise teams, including marketing and sales, invaluable tools (beyond traditional digital marketing) to create uniquely memorable experiences. After successful global deployments, by leading life science companies, Kaon’s newly launched Laboratory Design Tool has delivered on this vision – offering companies the opportunity to share newly configured labs, with other internal stakeholders, to gain consensus buy-in on floor plans, equipment purchases, workflow efficiencies and more.”

Kaon Interactive’s applications are created once and can be deployed everywhere. Available on devices running iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows, Kaon Interactive’s solutions are used by sales teams and marketers in over 40 countries.

Want to learn more about how the Kaon LDT can improve your buyers’ experience and increase sales of your lab products and services? Contact us!

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How AWS Increased User Interactions on Its Website by 180,000 in One Week

With Amazon Web Services re:Invent right around the corner, AWS needed an innovative, visually engaging, interactive way to not just tell, but show their Global Cloud Infrastructure story in their booth, while also bringing the same story to life on their website. 

The business challenge included showcasing the power, breadth, and depth of the AWS solution, as the previous website struggled to communicate the full breath of their offering. To support its global footprint and ensure customers are served across the world, AWS maintains multiple geographic regions, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Currently there are 22 geographic regions, one local region, and even more in the works. With the great number of global centers, the value story was getting lost.

In order to overcome this business challenge, Kaon Interactive developed an interactive sales/marketing application to illustrate this complex, intangible, and global product offering that enables customers to understand the vastness and value of AWS’ infrastructure story that was shown on touchscreens in the AWS re:Invent booth. The application had more than 1,200 interactions during the show and, several months later, it received resounding praise at the AWS annual SKO meeting on how effective it is at delivering the power of their story. 

“I’m totally in love with this visualization of our global infrastructure. I talk about our global deployments in every single presentation and having a visualization like this will be a huge benefit for helping customers understand aws infrastructure” said Randall Hunt, Senior Technical Evangelist and Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services.

According to Time magazine, the average interaction time with a website is 15-seconds. With such a short span of time, it is now more important than ever to deliver a company’s value statement as crisply as possible, in a way that customers will understand and retain. With Kaon Interactive’s applications averaging a 3-minute and 14-second per user engagement time, (1300% more than the 15-second average website interaction time reported by Time magazine) AWS is able to increase website interaction times, transfer knowledge, create enthusiasm and ‘show’ their value story, in a way that customers find helpful and compelling.

AWS has seen users interacting with the application an average of 10 times per unique device, per week, and reported a staggering increase of user interactions on its website by 180,000 in the first week of launch. With the application, not only do users look at the content, they also ‘interact and engage’ with it, creating a more meaningful connection. 

Experience the AWS application or schedule a demo, to learn more.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific’s 3D, Interactive Application Achieves 50% Inbound Close Rate

Thermo Fisher Scientific faced several challenges when demonstrating the Invitrogen Attune NxT Flow Cytometer, a complex, combined instrument and software solution. Product demonstrations required technical sales specialists and impeccable coordination between internal teams, in addition to demo model availability and exorbitant shipping and set-up costs. 

To overcome these challenges, Thermo Fisher Scientific decided on an interactive, 3D product application to virtually supplement physical product demonstrations. They turned to Kaon Interactive given the power of the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform® to provide offline access to unlimited users, instant updates and deployment through the cloud, the ability to include evergreen content marketing pieces, and application extensibility after the initial launch.

“We built the Kaon application from the ground up. We truly believed this would be the difference-maker in helping Thermo Fisher Scientific demonstrate to our prospects why our products and solutions were the right choice for them,” said Patricia Sardina, global market development manager of Flow Cytometry at Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific Invitrogen Attune NxT Cytometer 3D Product TourThe Invitrogen Flow Cytometry interactive, 3D demonstration application includes a product tour of the Attune NxT Flow Cytometer instrument with nine animations illustrating, with photo-realistic quality, the workflow and software benefits of the instrument.

“The advantage of this interactive application is that the customer is driving the experience,” described Ms. Sardina. 

The lifelike, 3D model and full, non-linear interactivity allows potential customers to explore the instrument in detail, focusing on what is important to their own unique business challenges. 

“They are looking around inside the product and finding the aspects that are important to them. They’re looking at the software and finding what their specific need is without the sales rep needing to draw it out of them,” Ms. Sardina said.

As the application includes eight language translations (yet another unique feature that the Kaon platform provides), it was deployed globally to the entire sales team after a mere three months of design and development. Thermo Fisher Scientific also embedded the 3D product tours into their website, and, now, potential customers can interact with the products on their own, anywhere, anytime. 

Since the website launch, the Invitrogen Attune Nxt Flow Cytometer product tour delivered a massive jump in engagement. From this engagement, Ms. Sardina determined that the new 3D product tour has a greater than 50% close rate — much higher than the traditional collateral on their website. 

In one of the most noteworthy phenomena of the sales and marketing application, customers created such a reliable connection with the virtual product that, in some cases, they don’t need to see the actual product. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific Invitrogen Attune NxT Cytometer 3D Product Tour“There was an instance in North America where the sales team could not demonstrate the physical product, so they used the application as a virtual demonstration of the product for the customer. The virtual product model was so realistic, compelling and detailed that the customer purchased the instrument without ever seeing the physical product!” shared Ms. Sardina. 

There’s a clear ROI benefit, and Thermo Fisher Scientific will continue expanding the virtual product catalog to soon include more information and functions — including augmented reality, which will allow the customer to virtually place the 3D product model of the Attune Nxt Flow Cytometer into their laboratories.

“And, in the end, the project was well-done and truly effective. Kaon delivered all the things promised. It was amazing how this project vision was brought through to fruition,” Ms. Sardina concluded. 

This Thermo Fisher Scientific application was recently selected from more than 6,000 entries, from companies and agencies of all sizes, to win a 2019 Communicator Award of Distinction in the Marketing B2B Effectiveness, Integrated-Campaign category.

Read the full case study, or schedule a demo, to learn more.

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