Don’t Wait for the B2B Trade Show to Return

Juniper Networks Trade Show Booth

Juniper Networks went from a traditional trade show booth…

What do B2B companies do until trade shows return (whenever and however that may be)?

We can tell you, from what we’ve seen, that the industry leaders who are remaining competitive and staying on track for 2020 success are not sitting and waiting for those large, in-person, industry events to return. Furthermore, these companies are not settling for digitizing their trade show booths to fit into the transition to the virtual event.

What sets the leaders from the followers, the thrivers from the survivors (or failures, as the case may be), is the push for digital transformation. Companies that harness this challenge and turn it into an opportunity to innovate their marketing and sales will come out way ahead of their competitors — ready for all scenarios of what we may see in the short- and long-term future. Think beyond the trade show.

Juniper Networks Interactive Application, developed by Kaon Interactive

… to a completely digital, interactive application that can be used to engage their audience anywhere, with or without the trade show.

Business Insider gives an exclusive, inside look at how networking infrastructure company Juniper Networks is handling this new “normal”. Read the article here, without subscription for a limited time!

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