Lack of Innovation is Hurting Your Career

Everyone knows the old adage: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”, often attributed to Albert Einstein. Yet, many B2B marketers continue to pursue the same tactics and strategies, deluding themselves into believing that they have no choice. It is no wonder that many CEO’s believe that marketers “lack business credibility and are unable to demonstrate ROI.”

The key to ensuring a rewarding and healthy career in marketing is to develop a track-record of quantifiable successes in improving sales effectiveness and increasing marketing efficiency.  Ask yourself: “Am I spending the vast majority of my time creating (or directing the creation of) materials, events, documents, and presentations, or am I making changes in how we do things that will drive effectiveness and efficiency?” Truthfully, are we really being innovative (applying new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs?)  More often than not, the honest answer is going to be a sheepish “no.”

Why not?  Because most people in a senior marketing role are not risk takers. This is partly due to corporate culture of conforming to the norm, and partly the Darwinian process within marketing organizations (which have seen budgets and headcounts being reduced) of focusing on scrambling to stay afloat with far fewer resources.

The irony is that it is precisely these conditions that demand innovation!  How can marketers accomplish more with fewer resources without making dramatic changes to the way that things are done, or even more pointedly, to what is being done? In a recent Forbes article, Julia Goldin, CMO of global leader Revlon, recommends that, in order to advance their careers, marketers be more willing to accept and adopt evolution in what they do and how they do things, and that they recognize, confront, and conquer their acquired fear of change.

Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Wipe the whiteboard in the office clean. Focus on sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency, and now start building an action plan and interactive marketing solutions based on new and innovative ways of working.  You will be surprised at how much fun you will have, how much better your results will be, and how much faster your career success accelerates.

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