Connecting with Customers through Social Media

It’s not news to anyone that social media is growing rapidly and businesses large and small are jumping into the mix with corporate twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and Google+ pages. There is much debate about the best social media strategies and ways to measure effectiveness, but there is one aspect of the social sphere that I think most businesses would be remiss to not incorporate: CUSTOMERS.

Customers are hands down the most influential constituents a company can have, and because social media is inherently public, it brings a company’s visibility to a completely new level. A happy customer speaks volumes about your company, products or services and an unsolicited testimonial holds more weight in the mind of prospects than any type of sales pitch or marketing material you can whip up internally. Customers have firsthand knowledge of working with you, and if they are willing to publically interact with you or post about your company it can be the cornerstone of a positive reputation.

Maintaining a good relationship with customers on twitter or Facebook is a mutually beneficial: Customers get to showcase your product or service and how it benefits them, and in turn, your offerings are promoted. You re-tweet or re-post customer content and they receive additional exposure, reaching your social media audience which may be drastically different than theirs.

Here are a couple ways in which we’ve connected with Kaon’s customers via social media…

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Check it out yourself….

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