Marketers Make Manufacturing Products Sexy

Thanks to programs like Science Channel’s How It’s Made and Discovery Channel’s HowStuffWorks, there’s a new appreciation for the machinery that makes everything from the food we eat to the mattresses on which we sleep. This high-profile introduction into the marketplace is great for the few industrial machines featured, but for the rest, the marketing “wow” factor that lures potential buyers into their plant isn’t always so apparent. After all, take away the “lights, camera, action,” and what you’ve got is a piece of equipment that makes a product or solution in a designated area on a plant floor.

Marketers have tried for years to make these products sexy and struggled to find new and innovative ways to educate buyers on their products features and benefits, without having to bring them onsite, which has greatly prolonged their sales cycles.

Despite the sophistication, and often the sheer size and weight, of the products, trade show exhibition remains a valid strategy for manufacturers of industrial machinery. Due to the excessive costs of shipping products to events and the space limitations within the booth, however, marketers are challenged to find ways to show all product offerings by any means possible—more often than not, with stagnant, one-dimensional printed catalogs and product data sheets.

The latest marketing trend that’s evolving for manufacturing companies are 3D product models (on iPads, laptops, websites and touch-screens) that allow both sales and marketing teams to interactively demonstrate their products features, benefits, workflow, and process (anywhere, anytime) without the product being present.

  • Users control their own, personalized experiences based on individual preferences
  • Customers are in the “driver’s seat” experiencing products from every angle (zoom, spin, measure)
  • Users explore options and features (opening drawers, remove components, view add-ons)
  • The 3D Product Models clearly demonstrate workflow and process

Results: Prospects no longer need to come onsite for product demonstrations and these 3D product models have eliminated the need to ship physical products to trade shows, sales demonstrations, and other venues, drastically reducing product shipping, drayage, and travel expenses. These interactive solutions have made marketing heroes in the industrial manufacturing space and have expanded their sales reach exponentially.

Click here to ‘Experience’ a 3D Product Model today!

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Dana Drissel is a well-rounded, highly energetic, results driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small business start-ups.
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