“Interactive” is not just for the internet

When we hear or read the term “interactive marketing” the immediate connotation is web marketing, or anything to do with the Internet. In fact, many ad agencies are known as “interactive agencies” simply because they focus on Internet marketing.

This implied definition does a huge disservice to marketers who understand that delivering interactive experiences is an imperative for every venue – offline, as well as online. In fact, customers expect interactivity everywhere. (Oh, and by the way, just because something is on the web does not make it interactive – watching a video advertisement online is as passive as sitting in a movie theater or in front of the TV.)

Interactivity must be a mutual or reciprocal activity. The customer does something – the system or solution does something in response, and vice versa.

We should all think of interactivity as being ubiquitous and pervasive. Interactive marketing is the process of creating engaging and memorable interactions for customers and prospects – everywhere.

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