Beyond Digital Signage to Intelligent Signage

Digital signage has come a long way from closed loop videos to full-scale interactive ‘hands-on” experiences that truly captivate customer interest. “We have moved way beyond traditional digital signage to intelligent signage that can be experienced,” Jeff Hastings, CEO of Bright Sign comments in his article Signage Solutions: Capturing Eyeballs, Mindshare in a Distracted World.  These digital screens are likely to catch the eye of prospects and customers as they showcase information in a familiar form factor; similar to entertainment devices. But having the sleekest hardware is not enough to truly captivate audiences—high quality content and strategic implementation is key.

Hastings outlines 6 strategies companies are utilizing to get the most out of their digital marketing technologies…

  1. Multi-Purpose Your Content
  2. Grab Attention with Live TV
  3. Engage to Sell (with touch screen capabilities)
  4. Make it Mobile
  5. Location, Location, Location
  6. Keep it Fresh

All of these strategies work with digital signage, but some interactive marketing tools can actually allow a company to do the vast majority of these things at once.  Multi-purpose content can be one of the most valuable assets to a marketing organization, so why not choose tools that allow for interactive content to be created once and automatically re-used on a variety of hardware platforms? This in turn can allow for mobility, with content that is adaptable to touch screens, laptops, Smartphones and tablets—making sure that crucial information is always available anywhere, anytime. And because interactive technologies allow for users to be in complete control of their experience via the touch screen “hands-on” experience, the content is fresh and personalized to each user’s interest.

Innovative marketing tools are definitely one of the hottest growing trends, so if your company is looking to capture attention in today’s busy world make sure to invest in tools that allow for customer interaction, and that can be adapted to as many different marketing strategies and venues as possible.

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1 Response to Beyond Digital Signage to Intelligent Signage

  1. kandersonsigns says:

    I love the ideas in here! Intelligent signage is definitely what the world needs. I think it makes a lot of valid points. In today’s world you’ve got to get peoples eyes off their own screen and draw them to yours. Once you get their attention you’ve got to interact and engage them and then you’ve got a chance to turn them into a customer.

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