CMOs say, “No Products, No Problem”

Getting your customer interested in your products is hard enough. Getting them to engage, understand, and build an emotional connection with your product is a whole ‘nother story. Especially when the product is MIA.

There are enough challenges for sales teams in the B2B selling process. Getting access to your products for a demonstration shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, this is common trend in industries such as medical, scientific, telecom, networking, and industrial, where the products and devices are often difficult to obtain based on size, fragility, and inventory.

CMOs are looking for sales enablement tools to solve this problem and interactive 3D Products Models have proven to cost effectively fill the void.  These solutions are available cross-platform (Smartphones, tablets, laptops, websites, touch-screens) to differentiate products in a consistent and engaging manner at every customer touch-point.

Photo-realistic, 3D Product Models (which look and behave exactly like the actual products) allow companies to present sophisticated virtual product demonstrations. These solutions eliminate the need to ship physical products to trade shows, sales demonstrations, and other venues, drastically reducing product shipping, drayage, and travel expenses.

  • Users control their own, personalized experiences based on individual preferences
  • Customers are in the “driver’s seat” experiencing products from every angle (zoom, spin, measure)
  • Users explore options and features (opening drawers, retrofit components, add-ons)
  • The 3D Product Models clearly demonstrate work-flow and process

On the ground, when it matters most, what’s going to help your sales team communicate their product message effectively, when the physical product isn’t accessible?

About kaonmarketingguru

Dana Drissel is a well-rounded, highly energetic, results driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small business start-ups.
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