Showing Complex Products, Simply

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Complex products and processes can be a challenge to illustrate well. In the case of the BD Max, a fully-automated molecular diagnostic device, the challenge was showing the physical features of the device as well as a very detailed workflow that happens at the software and DNA level. In order to address this challenge, we introduced the viewer to the physical features and benefits of the device, with a real-time 3D Kaon model of the device that the user may spin, zoom, and explore. This creates an interactive learning experience in which the user can control and investigate what is of interest to them.

To completely tell the process story, we needed to transition the viewer to a linear process that happens at the device, software, and DNA level. In order to do this, it was important to remove any elements that might complicate that story, while exaggerating the scale of the chemical reaction happening at the DNA level. To achieve this, we moved from the real-time 3D view, to an illustrative view, which allows the viewers to walk through a complex scientific process at their own pace, and in small digestible pieces. This ultimately creates a better, more memorable understanding of the product, so that audiences could fully grasp the features and benefits of the sophisticated device.

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