Now is the Time for Digital Transformation

Woman uses multi-touch screen to explore a Kaon interactive application.

Kaon Interactive has helped visionary companies (such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Amazon Web Services, and IBM) put in place their digital transformation platforms (global, redundant, cloud-based, and device- and venue-agnostic), making their transition to all virtual events and engagements seamless for their sales and marketing teams.

When trade shows were canceled due to the global pandemic, these companies simply took their current interactive experiences online to deliver engaging and interactive customer conferences. These same companies trained their sales teams to use these interactive applications in one-on-one virtual meetings and were able to more effectively demonstrate their differentiated competitive value.

Sirius Decisions has reported that the number one reason companies lose deals they should win is the inability to communicate their differentiated competitive value. That survey was taken in good economic times. In the uncertain times of today, this becomes an even more critical and exaggerated weakness.

After Q1 of this year, companies must pivot to true digital transformation — not just digitization of their in-person and analog processes, which is what many are doing. Robert Reiss, of the CEO Forum Group, and Gavin Finn, Kaon’s president and CEO, addressed this business-vital issue in a recent Forbes article.

Digital transformation is a collaborative effort that takes marketing and sales alignment and time, as DXC Technology demonstrated during the development of their award-winning, interactive, storytelling application (shown above) last year. Now is not the time to wait to this out. Now is the time to be proactive, creative and innovative.

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