Kaon Interactive & DXC Technology Win Killer Content Award

The Finnys: 2020 Killer Content Award Winner, Interactive Content, DXC Technology & Kaon InteractiveB2B marketers have been tasked with a new challenge: to look at their business, their marketing tactics, and their customers through a new lens.

With the Killer Content Awards, the B2B Marketing Exchange spotlights companies that are embracing new rules of engagement and transforming them into cutting-edge campaigns that employ new storytelling methods and amplification channels.

Congratulations to Kaon Interactive and DXC Technology, winners of the Killer Content Award in the category of Interactive Content.

DXC Technology interactive applicationDXC Workplace and Mobility leaders have used the DXC MyWorkStyle interactive application to communicate the unique value of DXC solutions. Used in over 18 countries, this application ensures consistent, accurate, and simple messaging around the entire offering presentation for both sales representatives and clients.

“It’s not us pushing it to our sales team, it’s them pulling for it and mandating its use because they see so much value in it. That’s what, to me, has shown its success,” said George Ferguson, Go-to-Market Lead at DXC Technology.

DXC sales teams are using the application to elevate their knowledge and expertise in communicating DXC’s complex value differentiation, which was previously limited to a few subject matter experts. This enables sales representatives to better engage with customers, creating a more productive dialog and buying cycle. These interactive sales and marketing experiences are device-agnostic and work across mobile devices, desktop, web, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more.

Congratulations to the DXC Technology team and to everyone at Kaon Interactive for earning this award! It is a testament to the work we do everyday to create amazing applications that transform our customers’ business.

Click here to read the full case study on the DXC Technology application, then contact us to learn how Kaon’s interactive solutions can accelerate your marketing and sales efforts!

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