Digital Transformation Is Upon Us…

digital-transformationThe era of digital transformation is upon us and is likely to accelerate in 2015, but many
companies will struggle to leverage this revolution. It’s not because they don’t have the budget, but rather because their leaders are unsure about what specific steps to take in order to align their corporate strategies with the many options that confront them in their digital mission.

The promise of the digital transformation is that the adoption of new disruptive technologies will transform the customer experience, the operational processes, and the entire business model, which will lead to competitive success. And that’s the key to unlocking this opportunity – starting with a goal to reinvent the customer experience. A new McKinsey report reveals that companies that implement transformational sales and marketing capabilities yield 90% higher sustained growth than those who don’t.

In marketing and sales, this can be accomplished by using digital interactions and interactive storytelling to create engagements that allow the customers to guide themselves through their problem-solving journeys that lead to self-directed sales cycles for your solutions, creating the epitome of personalized experiences. The customers are no longer being sold to but instead can undergo a guided discovery with relevant content to address their specific needs. This digital interactive experience allows companies to transition from ‘price-based or feature-based’ selling to ‘value-based’ selling by demonstrating the alignment of true solutions to customer challenges.

So, if your company has not yet embarked upon the transition to digital customer engagement, it is time to do so or you may be left behind.


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About Kristy Pauloski

Marketing Professional and MBA graduate from Salve Regina University.
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