Mobile Marketing Myths

Josh Clark, the founder of design consulting firm Global Moxie, recently shared his “Seven Deadly Mobile Myths” with, debunking commonly held opinions about the melding of business and mobility. While he was discussing mobility within the healthcare field, the first four of his myths are applicable to all B2B marketers.

Myth #1. Mobile users are always distracted and in a rush.

Myth #2. Mobile means less.

Myth #3. Complexity is a dirty word.

Myth #4. Extra taps and clicks are evil.

We recently introduced the Kaon 3D Product App, which enables sales and marketing teams to access a full catalog products in an engaging 3D interactive presentation – all at a moment’s notice on an iPad or iPhone anywhere, anytime. Our customers’ experiences with this App are exactly what led me to concur with Clark that these myths are just that—myths.

When giving 3D product demonstrations the iPad, audiences actually paid more attention and engaged MORE with sales teams than they had when presented with only PowerPoints, static brochures or stand-alone physical products. While put in the driver’s seat to manipulate and explore product models themselves,  customers retained more information because they were interacting – not just being passive. The touch-screen capabilities and small form factors of iPads and iPhones are what make them so captivating; extra taps and clicks make mobile devices more engaging, not evil! As for myth #3, in conjunction with the right content, mobile devices have the ability to take extremely complex ideas, messages, products, or solutions and turn them into something that is easily understandable by using dynamic visuals on the vivid screen – and using the customer’s personal interaction to help them better understand.

What other myths have you heard about mobile devices? Do you agree with Clark’s Seven Deadly Mobile Myths?

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