What Does 3D Mean to Marketing and Sales?

There are many different types of ‘3D’ on the market today, all with varying opinions on what exactly 3D is. Technically, 3D means an image has three dimensions (length, width and height) but despite this simple explanation there seems to be some discrepancy. Here are some of the 3D options available to marketers and sales teams…

Stereoscopy: This is the type of 3D you would see if you went to see a 3D movie in theatres.  Ironically, this isn’t actually three dimensions– it’s two 2D images, which you need to look at separately with each eye, so you can perceive depth.

Rendered Stills: This is a technique used to create product models rendered from CAD or industrial design tools that often look cartoonish, unless done in the very highest quality. While it does showcase all three dimensions of a product, it is generally not photo-realistic.

360 Video Clip: Video-clip “360 degree” product tours often found on websites (for example websites of most major car companies) are a video of a product that can be controlled by the user, who controls a slide bar which rotates on a single axis. This allows the viewer to see all the way around the object in one view, but does not give the ability to be viewed from any angle or interact with product features.

Interactive Photographic 3D: High definition images of the product are used when creating the 3D product models so that they appear visually identical to the actual product. The user can also rotate and view these photorealistic models from any angle, as well as interact with them to run animated sequences to demonstrate product features and operations.

When looking to utilize any type of 3D for sales and marketing purposes, it is crucial to ensure that it delivers realism (looking as much like the actual product as possible), mimics behavior (functions like the real product), and maximizes performance and visual experience (making the entire digital product experience fluid, natural and visually appealing and realistic). It is also important to consider whether a type of 3D can be easily re-used or deployed on multiple platforms.

What have your experiences been with 3D for Sales and Marketing?

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