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HTML5 Finally Becomes Viable for B2B Marketing

HTML5 is a buzzword more than a technology. It is a shorthand for a collection of other web technologies that together can make web sites more interactive and engaging, and mobile apps easier to author and cheaper to deploy. The … Continue reading

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WebGL in Enterprise Web Apps? Uh, no. [Update: make that: not yet]

When a big part of your business is making 3D product representations available to as many people as possible, you pay particular attention to technologies that might help you achieve that goal. WebGL is a promising new technology that can bring … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Downloading HUGE Files

One of the things we do at Kaon Interactive is create Kaon v-Briefs: rich, interactive applications that tell some or all of our customer’s product and solutions stories. These Kaon v-Briefs often contain a lot of collateral (videos, PowerPoint presentations that we converted … Continue reading

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