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relationshipsThe Power of Two: How to Leverage Relationships to Triple Your Lead Flow (for Free!) by Lisa Toner of Hubspot.

“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” Why is marketing trying to do it all on their own? Why not leverage other companies to work on getting leads and creating a partnership or marketing relationship that compliments your brand.

Relationship marketing is when two entities work together to create marketing that targets your mutual audience to achieve your goals.

Successful co-marketing relationships need:

  • The right partner- find a company that understands what you do and one that is an easy company to work with
  • Great communication
  • A solid execution and promotion plan
  • Two-way relationship- each partner needs to feel equal in their relationship

Understand your buyer personas. What do they like? What do they need? What is the profile of the company most likely to buy your product? What/who triggers them to think about your company?

Three R’s to help you leverage your marketing relationships:

  • Reach- how big is your audience
  • Resonance- how engaged is your audience with your brand
  • Relevance- how relevant is their need to your company, are these leads likely to become customers

Build relationships to build your company.

About Kristy Pauloski

Marketing Professional and MBA graduate from Salve Regina University.
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