Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 2 of 9

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.28.32 AMThe Neuroscience of Memorable Content, by Dr. Carmen Simon from Rexi Media.

Dr. Carmen Simon is a cognitive scientist, who has applied the latest neuroscience research finds to develop why audiences naturally forget most of the content you create. Throughout this session she discussed how the use of brain science can help your audience remember exactly what you want them to. Using the latest brain science findings, you can get your audience to transition from remembering some things to remembering the right things.

“Oh yeah, I think I’ve forgotten that before.” People forget 90% of what we share with them, therefore; you need to control the 10% that people take away.

Change the stimulus to draw attention but keep 10% constant:

  • Text to Graphics
  • Formal to Informal
  • Static to Dynamic
  • Monologue to Dialogue
  • Facts to Stories
  • Complexity to Simplicity

Attention paves the way to memory, memory leads to decision making, which then leads to action.

What is your 10% message and are you in control of that?

More in depth information about her presentation can be found here from the event.

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