Engaging Prospects with Device Agnostic Marketing Tools

It has become very clear that the multiscreen world is upon us, changing the face of marketing rapidly, and B2B marketers must adapt to this revolution. Innovative marketers also must leverage the new wave of cross-channel engagement; people are now accustomed to utilizing multiple devices in their everyday life (tablets, smartphones, laptops and other interactive technologies) and the B2B buying process is no different. Due to the fact that consumers are becoming so accustomed to interacting with engaging, visually dynamic, self-driven experiences on tablets and the web, today’s B2B marketing content MUST be similarly engaging or customers will tune you out.

Learning by doing has long been considered one of the best ways to retain information, and new visual interactive applications are providing an amazing opportunity for businesses to deliver more compelling and memorable experiences. When someone becomes actively involved and learns by doing with hands-on experiences, cognitive science shows that they will remember dramatically more than when they are being lectured or presented to.  With interactivity proven to increase product knowledge by as much as 78% it’s no wonder that companies are turning to digital marketing strategies that put the customer in control. 

Deliver One-To-One Engagements, Anywhere, on Any Device

Customers often start their buying cycle online. This may be followed by a face-to-face meeting, and often requires that buyers share information with additional decision makers prior to purchase. It is the responsibility of marketers to deliver captivating content in all of these venues.  Therefore, it is imperative to create reusable, device agnostic content, rather than relying on traditional tools (e.g. Flash) that can’t be utilized on all hardware platforms. Sales people will be using different tools thought the sales process, but they require a consistent customer experience regardless of device, so focus on create engaging marketing content once and reusing it everywhere, without recreating it for each device.

Tablets and mobile devices are quickly becoming ubiquitous sales enablement tools, due to the intimate one-to-one touch driven experiences they provide. However, these devices are actually most effective when they are driven by the user—rather than the Sales representative. Sales needs platforms that customers can engage with and ‘drive’ during meetings; but digitally delivering the same standard video, PowerPoints, brochures to your Sales team is simply not enough to captivate buyers, and these static platforms lack the ability to capture analytics regarding a customer’s interests. Additionally, many of these content formats must be reformatted or modified to successfully function on a variety of platforms, wasting precious marketing dollars on recreation costs.

Imagine if you could synch-up your sales devices with engaging content the same way you do with your music. This type of real-time updated, multi-device will be the future of sales and marketing tools, cutting costs while capitalizing on cross-screen trends and engaging prospects in any venue.

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