Digital Marketing Strategy

In the past week, I’ve heard two different people, from two very different walks of business life, reference digital marketing strategy, or DMS for short. If this is any indication, it appears that this could be the next hot trend for marketers to glom onto. Or at least the latest and greatest of buzzwords to float about.

As a definition, digital marketing strategy considers use of digital sources such as the Internet, interactive display advertising, digital media (TV and radio), and mobile devices in promoting brands and products to consumers. Online marketing optimization initiatives for search engine, video, social media are an implicit focus of a digital marketing Strategy.

While I don’t question the potential for it digital marketing strategy to be the next ‘it’ thing, it’s the novelty of DMS as a singular focus that’s concerning. Any marketing matrix today should inherently include digital as an integral part of the strategy, not a separate one, or one layered onto an existing marketing plan.

Like mobile marketing, digital marketing strategy’s buzz-worthiness is soon likely to wane. As the lines between online and offline further blur we can expect to lose those descriptors completely. Marketing Strategy alone will be what matters.


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