The Tradeoff of Trade Shows

Trade shows evolve over time, but a company’s decision to exhibit may become automatic. Before your business registers for its annual appearances at the trade shows you’ve always attended, take time to re-evaluate if it is worth the investment.  Make sure the work and money poured into your company’s trade show exhibit are hitting their intended mark.

One way to assess the value of a trade show is to consider who will hear your message. Contact trade show management and request a list of attendees’ job titles to verify you will be face-to-face with decision makers.

Examine the show schedule carefully – are all the shows really necessary? Make sure the seminar schedule reflects attendees’ needs and interests.  Look for ways to fine tune your marketing to fit the themes explored in the seminars.

Are you offering something new and different this year? If the show is attended by the many of the same people year to year, do they have a good reason to talk to you this time?

Once you’ve determined attendance would be worthwhile, consider whether you should modify the amount of space you are booking. As you upgrade the technology of your booth, you may be able to do more with less space (and less expense.)

Have you changed your trade show strategy? What criteria are most important in your decision to exhibit?

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