Kaon Interactive Receives Transformative CEO Award for Customer Experience — Digital Transformation

CEO Forum 2020 Transformative CEO Customer Experience Award

Transformative CEO Customer Experience Award for Digital Transformation

Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of interactive, 3D marketing and sales applications for global B2B brands, has been awarded the Customer Experience Transformative CEO Award for Digital Transformation by The CEO Forum, in recognition of our President & CEO Gavin Finn. As many companies struggle to adjust to the new normal of COVID-19, the recipients of this award pave the way for companies to succeed now and into the future, specifically highlighting the increased need for effective, customer-centric experiences. 

The CEO Forum board’s selection includes industry leaders who create new value that “reinvigorates a company, reinvents an industry, or reboots society.” Gavin was joined by other transformative CEOs from visionary companies like Marriott International, UNICEF, and Deloitte Consulting. Coming from a variety of industries, these leaders are trailblazers in the new normal ahead and have been recognized for exceptional customer experience solutions.

Why Now? Why Kaon Interactive?

Showing a boring slide presentation is even less effective on a video conference than having it presented to you in an in-person meeting around a conference room table. Even if you effectively get customers to attend your virtual meetings, engaging them effectively requires innovation and creativity to communicate value when face-to-face engagement is absent. After Q1 2020, digital transformation is no longer a “nice-to-have” — it is critical to a business’ survival.

Kaon’s transformative sales and marketing applications, deployed on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform®, allow B2B companies to more effectively communicate the unique value of a product or service through interactive and personalized engagements, across the entire buyers’ journey. These solutions, in turn, help to drive increased sales and reduced marketing costs.

Kaon’s client roster includes a pre-eminent list of visionary Global 1000 companies, such as Cisco, Dell Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Siemens, and Bently Nevada.

“While economic activity has declined by 12% since the week of March 14, Kaon’s customers’ engagement index has increased by over 50%. When trade shows were canceled due to the global pandemic, these companies simply took their current digital interactive applications online to deliver relevant and engaging customer experience, without skipping a beat. These same companies trained their global sales teams to use these interactive applications in one-on-one virtual meetings, and were able to more effectively demonstrate their differentiated competitive value,” said Gavin Finn. 

In 2018, Kaon’s big data analytics showed global trends of increased user interactions by as much as 28%, year-over-year. This signaled an industry shift to engagements that focus on value-based selling versus product selling. Visionary companies embarked on the start of digital transformation in their sales and go-to-market strategies. We expect this number to increase dramatically over 2020 as more companies see the value of, and feel the pain of not having implemented their digital transformation strategies quickly enough.

Kaon Interactive’s applications are created once and can be deployed everywhere — used by sales, marketing, channel partners, trainers, HR, and customers in nearly 130 countries around the world. 

Schedule a demo today to experience Kaon’s award-winning solutions!

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