Why Interactive Sales and Marketing Applications are Not Enough for B2B Enterprise

Recently, Kaon Interactive was named one of MarTech Series’ Top 250 B2B Technology Companies You Should Follow. Although the category of “3D Interactive Sales & Marketing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Applications” is appropriate, there are significant differences between the seven technology providers listed.

One of the biggest differentiators among the seven is that half of the category only offers individual point solutions or hardware, while the other half delivers platform solutions. Even those with a platform, however, often fail to address enterprise-level sales and marketing use cases or provide the broad scope of service that a platform potentially offers.

Kaon Interactive not only offers 3D interactive applications, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), hardware and end-user adoption training — point solutions that many competing vendors offer individually– we also deploy our interactive application through an innovative, powerful SaaS platform that significantly increases B2B sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency. The Kaon Interactive High Velocity Marketing Platform® is what sets us apart from other 3D, AR, VR and hardware vendors in the crowded martech space.

Unlike other 3D product modeling companies and interactive agencies, Kaon’s platform solves global, enterprise challenges, such as the need for and value add of all-inclusive global access, unlimited licenses, cross-device usability, analytics, extensibility/scalability, proactive platform technology evolution (to keep with the pace of current and upcoming technology), and real-time cloud updates. When an organization decides to develop an interactive sales and marketing application, these challenges are often undiscovered and unnamed, thus resulting in a costly process (of time and money) that has to be incurred at a later date when these needs are realized. Kaon’s marketing platform is future-proof, with automatic software updates included, increasing marketing and sales efficiency and ensuring applications are ready to deploy and use anywhere, anytime, with internet connection or without.

With Kaon's platform, create once and deploy on every device.

Yes, interactive applications increase 3D product accessibility, communicate value stories and accelerate sales by enabling customers to virtually, and often independently, explore products and solutions. However, without the power of a strong marketing platform, these applications often malfunction (or don’t work at all on devices for which they were not built), become quickly outdated and don’t translate to a global audience. Kaon’s platform is what empowers sales teams to articulate competitive value differentiation, using the application, in a concise, consistent, engaging, and relevant manner. The platform ensures that every user receives the same brand message, personalized for them. These platform features go beyond the “wow” factor of many new technologies and standalone applications; the platform allows the use of the latest technologies to enhance, not drive, the customer experience and highlight the company’s unique story.

Marketing is evolving to revolve around storytelling, which allows a simplification of complex solutions and products to focus on value. Although many platforms offer the ability to display products in 3D, the user sees the product in a vacuum, missing the larger context of the value story behind it. With a high velocity marketing platform, marketers can continually add products and evolve or expand the story (adding personas or verticals, for example) that personalizes those products for each customer. These stories engage prospects early and often; studies have shown that interactive content generates two times more conversations than passive content.

There are many new technology companies offering AR or VR design and development, but most of these are also experiences built for single use that quickly become outdated and unusable. While these do deliver excitement, what happens when you need more than a VR experience to show your solutions in a sales meeting or other setting in which a VR headset is either unavailable or inappropriate? The power of Kaon’s platform enables other interactive experiences, as well as our new product offering, “non-immersive” VR, which delivers your VR scenes in a similarly detailed and life-like experience without the headset.

Non-Immersive and Cross-Device Virtual Reality

Although all of the companies in the category offer high-quality, useful components, Kaon is the only complete SaaS platform solution for enterprise sales and marketing that delivers an array of technologies to meet your business and customer needs.

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