Increase the Impact of Your Briefing Center with MultiTaction and Kaon Interactive

MultiTaction iWall showing Kaon 3D product model

CBC’s leverage applications created by Kaon Interactive on the MultiTaction iWall to see the big picture.

Your Executive Briefing Center, or Customer Briefing Center, is a major influencer on enhancing customer sales. You want to put your best foot forward to captivate your visitors, educate them about your unique value differentiation and up-sell/cross-sell your solutions. So, how do you provide customers intimate access to, and a better understanding of, products and solutions that better prepare them to make informed purchase decisions?

When a customer visits your office it is an opportunity to produce a personalized experience that makes a lasting impression. If visitors get involved and actively participate in the experience, it is much more memorable versus passively watching a PowerPoint presentation.

EBCs are being used by leading brands to create 360-degree environments that immerse attendees in an experience. Interactive technology is a fundamental element of a branded environment and is a top consideration when designing these spaces. Organizations that embrace experiential marketing for their EBCs can differentiate from their competitors and gain competitive advantage.

MultiTaction iWall showing Kaon interactive solution storytelling

An interactive video wall will get your visitors out of their seats and up at the wall!

Delivering interactive content is key, but briefing center managers often grapple with gaining access to developers and costly professional services for content creation.

This is where Kaon Interactive can help tell your story and show your complex solutions in a VIRTUALLY engaging, exploratory way. Kaon recently partnered with MultiTaction to bring our virtual 3D product tours and interactive storytelling to life on vivid touch-screens designed to excite and drive user engagement. B2B brands, such as IBM, Abbott and more, have installed MultiTaction iWalls to increase usage of their Kaon-built applications in their EBCs. The results of this collaboration has accelerated customer engagement and provided a platform to quickly uncover unique product/solution differentiation and how it will help solve their business challenges.

The MultiTaction iWall creates a collaborative environment for Kaon’s interactive applications, allowing a number of users (only limited by the size of the iWall you choose to install) to explore a 3D tour of your product (zoom, spin, animate) or your interactive solution story independently or collaboratively, at scale. The iWall is comprised of 55-inch, multi-touch cell displays (similar to the Kaon v-OSK® MT) connected in a variety of configurations to create a digital wall.

The MultiTaction iWall increases the impact of Kaon’s applications in your briefing center – taking it from an individual experience to a large-scale, collaborative, group experience.

MultiTaction iWalls are ideal for meeting rooms, open areas or, to really grab attention, lobbies. MultiTaction displays also can be oriented horizontally in a tabletop configuration. The multi-touch capability allows the screen to read and track multiple fingers, hands, objects or pens simultaneously.

The future has arrived.

Contact us today to learn how Kaon Interactive’s engaging sales and marketing applications and the MultiTaction iWall work seamlessly together.


About MultiTaction

MultiTaction designs advanced visualization and collaboration solutions to improve the way the world works. Its award winning 3D optical recognition multi-touch displays, and innovative software suite are used by some of the world’s largest corporations, museums, educational institutions and entertainment companies. With solutions deployed in over 50 countries and offices across the United States, Asia and Europe, MultiTaction is a global business celebrating 11 years of growth and success in 2018. Learn more at Follow MultiTaction on social media at,, and

About Kaon Interactive

Kaon Interactive is a B2B software company. Kaon’s interactive sales and marketing applications simplify complex product and solution stories in a visually engaging way anywhere, anytime, turning prospects into customers. The company’s interactive 3D sales and marketing applications transform product and solution marketing content into visual storytelling experiences to deepen customer engagement, reduce marketing expenses and accelerate the sales cycle. More than 5,000 Kaon Interactive applications are being used worldwide at trade shows, remote sales demonstrations, product launches, executive briefing centers, and websites by leading global product manufacturing companies. For more information about Kaon, visit

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