How B2B Marketers Can Future-Proof Their Augmented Reality Investments

B2B marketers everywhere are always hunting for ways to decrease the time it takes to move leads through the funnel and to enhance marketing messaging. Even more so, trade show and event marketers are looking for ways to increase the engagement and effectiveness of their efforts. And, we are all trying to deliver a consistent, updated product and brand story to our sales teams around the country and the world frequently and in real time.

Many enterprise marketers hear that augmented reality (AR) is the “next big thing” for marketing and sales; it seems important to adopt this new trend early to stay competitive and innovative. Yet, they are not sure how to best incorporate AR into their customer engagement strategy.

It can seem too spontaneous and risky to develop an AR application when there are so many shifting variables in play:

  • The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is the ONLY AR-enabled mobile device right now. Is it too early to invest with so few hardware providers supporting AR?
  • What happens when you enhance your AR application for other devices down the line, like Apple ARKit for iOS 11? Will the AR application you previously created work on iOS 11 devices? Does the entire application have to be rebuilt for new hardware?
  • How can AR applications be distributed to a national or global sales force?

Is it too spontaneous and risky to develop a standalone AR application? No! What marketers in this predicament need is a high velocity marketing platform that can keep them on the cutting edge now and future-proof their AR investment.

An all-inclusive marketing platform enables all of your interactive storytelling applications (including AR and VR applications) to work on all of your sales team’s devices, online or offline and globally. A marketing platform makes it easier to keep up with the hundreds of operating system updates released each year. A marketing platform allows your virtual 3D product models to be used on your website’s product page in any web browser, in AR and in VR.

In addition to all that, marketing platforms should allow your global users to receive updates in real-time as you edit, add, or remove fact sheets, case studios, videos, product tips and feature call-outs, presentations, and more — putting all your digital sales enablement tools right at the tips of your sales team’s fingers, at all times.

AR is a piece of a much larger marketing puzzle, which, once completed, becomes a comprehensive picture of your company’s compelling story — simplified, personalized and engaging.

Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform

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