“An idea can be as flawless as can be, but its execution will always be full of mistakes.” – Brent Scowcroft, former US National Security Advisor

“Life isn’t supposed to happen the way you plan. Life happens the way you execute.”
– Will.I.Am

Brent Scowcroft planned military strategy for several US Presidents; Will.I.Am is a pop star – worlds apart, yet they both value resilience.

Resilience in things means the ability to return to original form after being bent, compressed, or stretched. It is synonymous with elasticity and buoyancy. In people resilience is the ability to recover from illness or adversity. What does it mean for business, and marketers in particular?

A resilient marketing plan is both strong and flexible. Business challenges like market changes, new regulations, and competition can disrupt well-laid plans. Being able to change tactics and adapt in the face of adversity may be the difference between success and failure.

How to Build Marketing Resilience:

  • Make realistic plans and take steps to carry them out
  • Anticipate stumbling blocks
  • Move toward your goals
  • Take decisive actions
  • Foster a positive view of your business and have confidence in your strengths
  • Look for opportunities to learn from mistakes
  • Constantly look for new ways to improve techniques, strategies and tools
  • Clearly ‘show’ your product strengths and tell your story
  • Develop skills in communication and problem solving
  • Make connections – build strong inter-departmental, social media, community and vendor-client relationships
  • Evaluate multiple solutions to a problem– think outside the box
  • Develop consistent and concise messages for all direct and indirect channels
  • Create Materials that can be re-used and re-purposed cross/venue and cross channel

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Public Relations agency principal fixated with B2B and B2C marketing trends.
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