Kaon Interactive Wins Communicator Awards for Siemens and Tecan Applications

Recognized for Engaging, Interactive Sales & Marketing Demonstrations

Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of 3D marketing and sales applications for global B2B brands, today announced that two of its interactive solutions have won the prestigious 24th Annual Communicator Awards. The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications. Founded over two decades ago, The Communicator Awards receive over 6,000 entries from companies and agencies of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world.

Siemens Building Technologies: Communicator Award of Distinction, Integrated Campaign, B2B

Developed by Kaon Interactive, the ‘Building Technology’ application from Siemens is a disruptive sales and marketing storytelling app that dramatically improves the effectiveness and efficiency of complex solution storytelling using interactivity to build effective customer engagement. This application is used by Siemens customers and partners on Android tablets, iOS iPads, laptops, and large touch screens. The application effectively communicates relevant information to a wide variety of decision-makers and influencers involved in solving critical smart building challenges.

“There is growing demand to meet sustainability and energy efficiency mandates, create a greener footprint, and build greater intelligence and resilience into building systems,” stated Rich Cillessen, Head of Sales, Siemens Building Technologies. “The Siemens Building Technology application provides an interactive and engaging experience with actionable customer insights and information to help building owners, facility managers, contractors and architects understand how smart buildings can deliver these critical benefits. As a consequence of this enhanced understanding, they make better buying decisions.”

Kaon’s application for Siemens: https://w3.usa.siemens.com/buildingtechnologies/us/en/Pages/bt-app.aspx

Tecan: Communicator Award of Distinction, Digital, Interactive Marketing, Marketing-Sales

Tecan, a global provider of laboratory instruments and solutions in biopharmaceuticals, forensics and clinical diagnostics, required a more innovative and consistent way for their sales teams to effectively demonstrate or communicate the 1,000+ unique ways their Cavro® Omni Robot could be configured within a laboratory setting. In the past, when they brought the physical product to trade shows, Tecan could really only show one configuration, adding a layer of complexity to how they communicated their full product offering.

“We worked with Kaon Interactive to develop the Tecan Cavro® Omni Robot Configurator to put a fully interactive virtual 3D product (which looks and behaves exactly like the actual robot) into the hands of our sales representatives, partners and tradeshow booth staff using iPads and laptops. This allows every customer to customize the product, based on their specifications, prior to purchase,” said Joe Rotter, Vice President of Global Marketing at Tecan. “Kaon’s application has allowed us to better educate prospects and quickly move them through the sales funnel, from real-time personalized product configuration to immediately requesting a quote. It has significantly improved the process of how we sell!”

Kaon’s application for Tecan: https://apps.kaonadn.net/5463001/robot/index.html#;5

The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), a 600+ member organization of leading professionals from various disciplines of the visual arts dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media.

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