Kaon Driving Use of Virtual Reality for Enterprise Sales and Marketing

Kaon VR at SuperComputing tradeshow

As one customer recently noted, so many B2B companies are using virtual reality for the technology, for the ‘wow,’ to draw potential customers. Yet, those customers walk away remembering the fun they had playing a virtual reality game in a trade show booth and nothing about the company, brand or products.

Virtual reality becomes a powerful and effective sales and marketing vehicle when the experience communicates brand and product messages to potential customers — who then come away with brand education and a memorable engagement.

VentureBeat, a leading source of technology news for executives, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, just published an article by Kaon Interactive President and CEO Gavin Finn on how and why virtual reality is poised for big enterprise sales.

Read the article, and learn more about Kaon VR® here.

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