EXHIBITORLIVE! 2017 is Over, Now What?

As a 7x exhibitor at ExhibitorLive, we’ve found solace in knowing that this event is still recognized as the trade show industry’s most important event.

Exhibitor 2017

This years event touted numerous exhibit production companies, tchotchke suppliers and shipping/logistic companies, but what excited me the most was the handful of technology providers that are FINALLY starting to bubble up at this event.

Senior global business executives are now starting to realize how fast innovation is taking place. The velocity of technology disruption within the events space is hitting an all time high, and Trade Show Managers are required to start thinking more strategically about technologies that will keep customers connected, engaged, and informed, not only in the trade show space, but more importantly BEYOND.

20170313_140929Augmented reality and virtual reality were prevalent at numerous booths at ExhibitorLive and there was an excitement and collaboration that was shared between these vendors, stopping by each others booths to experience demonstrations and trying new AR wearable’s (Google Hallo Lens), AR devices (Lenovo Phab 2) and VR hardware (Oculus Rift/Samsung). What I learned at ExhibitorLive is that there is a perception that once you’ve tried one AR or VR experience, you’ve tried them all. When in reality, that couldn’t have been further than the truth. Each experience was truly unique and tailored to create an engaging story.buyerschoiceawards

As a winner of the ExhibitorLive Buyers Choice Award for our Kaon AR™ (augmented reality) B2B sales and marketing solution, it was nice to see the growing number of companies recognizing that AR and VR are becoming really valuable in this space to further engage customers.

In response to the exhibit production company that stopped by our booth and said “This technology is REALLY cool! But we don’t want to promote new solutions to our customers, as it competes for our dollars,” I’d say this, ‘evolve or die’. Don’t hide new technologies and innovations away from your customers that will inevitably enhance their overall business. They want YOU to be thought leaders that help them achieve success and make them look like champions within their organizations.

Overall, ExhibitorLive was great! I saw a lot of cool things and now, here I am back at my office, back in the daily grind. So I challenge you to say to your exhibit production company, “now what?”. “How can we use new and innovative technologies to tell our story better? How can we amplify customer engagement in a way that accelerates sales in our booth? How can we extend these engaging customer experiences into the hands of our sales teams? Now what? What’s the next step?”

By Dana Drissel VP, Marketing.

Learn more about Kaon’s solutions at www.kaon.com.

About kaonmarketingguru

Dana Drissel is a well-rounded, highly energetic, results driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small business start-ups.
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