Why say “Thank You” at work?

givingtahnksIt’s Thanksgiving. We usually spend this time with friends and family, reflecting on all those things for which we are grateful in our lives.  Regardless of our individual “ups and downs” throughout the year, looking at how so many people all over the world are literally struggling to save themselves from the ravages of war and terrorism will quickly put our struggles into perspective. We should all take a moment to be grateful for the gift of being safe with our family and friends. When one is without that, nothing else matters.

Let’s also not forget to thank all of the people with whom we work, and on whose contributions we depend. To colleagues, mentors, customers, advisors, and suppliers. Each person matters, and their individual effort and attitude makes the difference in our own success.

Thank you to all my colleagues at Kaon, who work tirelessly to make our customers successful. What makes this company special, and different, is that no one needs to be told what is the “right” thing to do. Everyone treats each other with respect and kindness, and commits whatever is necessary to ensure that our customers achieve the value that we’ve promised. And more.

Thank you to our customers – each individual who has contributed to the decision to select Kaon as your partner, each individual who contributes to the collaboration between our companies, and each individual who uses the solutions we build. It is truly a privilege to know each of you.

Thank you to our partners who share our values and our commitment to delivering positive experiences to all of our customers.

Our digital world can mislead us into sometimes undervaluing the need that we all have to connect as people to those around us. Indeed, it is the accumulation of all of these relationships that provide texture and richness to life.

I give thanks to all the wonderful people who have gifted me with the opportunity to work together with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Original post on LinkedIn.

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