Controlling Trade Show Costs recently wrote a blog post entitled “Know the 5 Trade Show Expenses You Can’t Control.” They went on to identify these five as:

  1. Freight that is Temporarily Missing
  2. That Lone Small Package
  3. Empties Never Show Up
  4.  The Lost Carpet Pad
  5. Extension Cords Aren’t Permitted

While it’s an interesting topic to think about the costs you can’t control, in today’s economic environment it’s vital to identify those that you can control.  Here are Kaon’s “Top 3 Trade Show Expenses You Can Control.”

  1. Live Product Demonstrations Still Worth their Weight. Virtual meeting software (like GoToMeeting and WebEx) may suffice for discussions and presentations, but for companies who sell hardware products and complex solutions, prospects and customers want to see and experience the products they intend to purchase. There are two ways of doing this: 1.) pay for the shipping (and drayage, and power), or 2.) opt for a virtual interactive product model that act and behave the exact same as the real product – and actually enable more interactivity.
  2.  Do More with Less. Companies must continue to showcase their products well, while also providing sufficient staff to demonstrate how their products can address prospects’ business challenges. So how do you bring all products to every show? One way to accomplish this goal is to bring “virtual” 3D products on interactive touch-screens. Advanced, rich interactive marketing technologies allow companies to deliver dynamic, incredibly photorealistic experiences that let prospects interact with product models, thus eliminating the need to have every product physically present.
  3. Banish Brochures. For marketers looking for ways to cut costs, eliminating the printing of product brochures is an ideal place to start. As the competition grows increasingly more fierce, the need for being innovative and creating a sense of excitement surrounding your products is paramount; stagnant, one-dimensional brochures–even those containing the best creative efforts–don’t cut it today.

So how much can companies save by replacing reality with virtual reality?  One major telecom equipment company saves more than $404,000 per year in shipping and drayage costs alone.

So what modus operandi do you use for controlling costs?

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