Dynamic Content that Makes Sales Engaging

The marketing imperative can be clearly stated: Arm your sales teams with compelling and engaging sales tools that articulate your company’s benefits clearly and consistently at every customer touch-point.

Fortunately, there are new innovative technologies available for marketers to achieve this objective.

The key is to use interactive content as the primary vehicle for your sales organization to engage the customer. It has been definitively proven that the more engaged customers are in the sales process — through direct interaction in the delivery of the message a sales team presents — the better informed they will be, and the more they will remember. Rather than telling them about what products do, engage them in hands-on learning about how the advantages of the products can help them solve their business problem.

Once the dynamic content is created, it is important to deliver it on platforms that drive audience engagement. Today’s sales teams are extremely mobile because the electronic tools they use to stay connected have become capable of serving as presentation devices. As a result, the dynamic, interactive customer experiences can now be delivered via their mobile devices. Using touch-based tablets, for example, sales teams can engage customers to explore product and solutions portfolios by turning the tablet over directly to the customers to use themselves. This puts them in the driver’s seat of the experience, resulting in an extremely customer-centric encounter rather than one in which the customer is merely a passive audience member.

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