Make Every AR Experience Magical with These Best Practices


Kaon AR Best Practices

Kaon AR® (augmented reality) is designed to be intuitive and easy to use on any mobile device compatible with Apple’s ARKit or Google’s ARCore (newer Apple or Android devices running the latest versions of the mobile operating systems). However, there are several best practices and tips we have compiled to ensure that every AR experience you, or your customer, has is as realistic and magical as it should be.

While AR can be used spontaneously and anywhere from your Kaon-developed application, it helps to consider your environment and do a little pre-AR setup to ensure the best experience.

Click here to download the AR Best Practices Fact Sheet.

View the AR Best Practices video demonstration.

If you don’t have Kaon AR yet and want to learn more, click here to set up a quick and complimentary demo.

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