Next Up in Our Free B2B Marketing Webinar Series

Kaon Webinar: High Velocity Marketing Platforms

This year, we launched a free webinar series to share the latest B2B marketing and sales enablement trends of 2017 with you, as we are seeing them happen. The tools we use as marketers change rapidly from year to year, and it can be difficult to keep up with the most innovative and best technology for your business.

A high velocity sales and marketing model is necessary to stay competitive in the B2B landscape today, and an integrated marketing platform makes it simple and efficient so your sales force can focus on working smarter, not harder. In this webinar learn…

  • New Marketing Innovation Platforms for 2017
  • Ways to Increase Marketing Efficiency
  • How to Accelerate Sales Effectiveness
  • Best Practices on Deploying Sales and Marketing Applications

Register now for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, July 19, to understand more about how a high velocity marketing platform can benefit your sales efforts and, in turn, results.

Register Here

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