Experience 3D Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Demos at EXHIBITORLIVE! 2017

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Create authentic AR and VR experiences that are relevant to real-world B2B environments. Imagine placing a fully scaled digital representation of your product in your customers’ environment OR fully immersing them in a digitally simulated environment (such as a virtual data center or virtual diagnostics lab) so they can truly understand the value proposition in the context of their business environment.

Featured in this year’s New Product Showcase, which highlights new, innovative products introduced at EXHIBITORLIVE, are the Kaon AR and Kaon VR.


Kaon AR: Virtual reality may be stealing most of the headlines, but augmented-reality systems are no less capable of capturing attendees’ attention. Take the Kaon AR, which leverages Google’s Tango technology platform to combine virtual 3-D objects with real-world environments. Using a Tango-enabled device, such as the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smartphone, attendees can place a virtual product model in various locations in the physical booth, walk around the model (thanks to stereoscopic cameras and sensors that track a user’s position relative to the digital object), and explore product options, functions, and features via the device’s touchscreen.

Kaon VR: Step into the future with Kaon VR, a virtual-reality program that places users in a simulated environment and enables them to explore and configure digital 3-D product models in real time to meet their unique specifications. For example, an attendee at a medical design and manufacturing show could use Kaon VR to select equipment for his or her surgical suite and place these models, which look and behave just like the actual products, anywhere they wish in the virtual space. Users can even view integrated
marketing messages and product animations. While the product is currently configured to function with Oculus Rift hardware and software, expect additional VR platforms, including HTC Vive and Samsung VR, to be available soon. Watch Kaon VR in action HERE.

Stop by Booth #1666 at EXHIBITORLIVE to experience these 3D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality product demonstrations!

Contact us today to learn about these exciting new features added to our High Velocity Marketing Platform!

About Kristy Pauloski

Marketing Professional and MBA graduate from Salve Regina University.
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