Ignite Your Trade Show Success in 2016

According to “The Marketing Spend Decision,” the most important objective for companies investing in trade shows is lead acquisition. Today, it is reported that 35-percent of exhibitors’ leads obtained at trade shows ultimately result in a sale, according to Exhibitor Magazine. With new advancements in technology, and marketers’ desire to deliver a better customer experience, the probability for creating higher qualified leads for their sales teams is now better than ever before. So now you ask, ‘Well how do we create higher lead conversion at trade shows and beyond?’

The answer is simple. Use 3D interactive trade show solutions that can increase customer engagement within your booth, accelerate your sales cycle, and breed scorching hot leads at every event. Not only will the interactive touch screens draw more traffic into your booth, the self-guided experience will also help you to better qualify prospects based off their specific needs and challenges uncovered during their unique journey through the application.

Kaon Interactive is a B2B software company that creates 3D interactive applications that are like a bug light for your trade show booth. These 3D interactive solutions, which are more effective than presentation tools, generate engaged customers who convert 34% faster. Kaon’s applications add value to your trade show solutions and help companies…

  • Virtually showcase endless aisles of interactive 3D product tours (regardless of booth size)
  • Attract visitors with stunning visuals and engaging hands-on touchscreen experiences
  • Make the booth staff product experts with crib notes on every product feature/benefit
  • Reveal unique product workflow and process, letting customers virtually ‘look under the hood’ (without the physical product present)

Contact us today to learn more about how Kaon Interactive can maximize your trade show leads, better engage your customers, and optimize your trade show solution!

About Kristy Pauloski

Marketing Professional and MBA graduate from Salve Regina University.
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