“Digital” is an entirely new Marketing Business Model

It is no longer sufficient for marketers to “go digital”.   In fact, digital platforms are completely changing the way marketers must think of their world and their work. The business model of marketing has changed from being event-driven (e.g. a product launch, or website redesign, or trade show) to a continuous process both of brand development as well as purchase enablement. We can’t simply do what we did before, rationalizing our digital chops with excuses such as “now the brochures are in PDF format, saving on all of those printing expenses!”

Modern marketing deliverables are never “done” – they continuously evolve, and the process of creating and updating these digital assets and applications is a completely different process from the outdated analog-based process that was designed around making a brochure or a video. Digital assets are like living organisms. They evolve as our solutions evolve, customers’ needs evolve, the competitive landscape changes, and our storytelling capability becomes richer.

The unique opportunity that this continuous process reveals to marketers is that of continuous engagement from pre-purchase, through the long post-transaction customer relationship. We need to change our deliverables, our organizations, and our objectives from a concentration on discrete, individual events to a broad continuum of customer experiences.

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