Kaon Interactive & Custom Exhibit Houses Team Up in Strategic Partnerships

Interactive Booth Demos Exceed Customers’ Expectations & Win Deals
Beyond the 
Show Floor

PRESS RELEASEEXHIBITOR2015 Las Vegas, NV (March 2, 2015)

Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of interactive 3D product marketing and sales applications, today announced a strategic partnership program for custom exhibit houses to further strengthen their ability to serve their customers at the trade show and beyond. The new partnership allows B2B organizations to take Kaon’s unique immersive 3D interactive experiences used to crisply communicate product/solution differentiation at trade shows, and deploy them seamlessly across their entire global enterprise.

This innovative partnership program is a deliberate effort to help marketers efficiently and effectively ‘communicate their value message,’ which was the number one inhibitor to B2B sales success in 2014 as reported by the MHI Research Institute, an organization dedicated to improving B2B sales performance.

“In an effort to align our long-term goals of customer acquisition, retention and providing ongoing value, Kaon Interactive has proved to be the prefect strategic partner,” said Bob Babine, President of 2020 Exhibits. “Their interactive 3D storytelling applications provide the hands-on engagement Millennials are expecting within a booth environment and deliver a much less invasive approach to traditional sales training when it comes to on-boarding employees. Our customers now have the ability to take this exact same engaging event experience and use it across their global sales channels to communicate competitive uniqueness and win deals.”

“In this customer-first, mobile-first world, companies need easier ways to differentiate themselves regardless of the venue, platform or device,” said Gavin Finn, President & CEO of Kaon Interactive. “Together, Kaon and our exhibit partners will provide flexible interactive sales and marketing solutions that communicate with customers the way they live and work today.”

Kaon Interactive Learning Track At Exhibitor2015

Join us on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 3:45pm as Gavin Finn, President and CEO of Kaon Interactive presents the following Measurement & Results learning track (W103) at Exhibitor2015 titled, “Downsize Exhibit Space and Increase ROI with Engaging Small Booth Experiences.”

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