How to Make “Boring” Industry Content Work For Your Business

The marketing team at Kaon was fortunate enough to go to INBOUND2013 in Boston this year, and attended some great sessions about the hottest inbound marketing trends and techniques.

B2B marketers often consider their industries “boring”, but in a session with Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, attendees quickly learned that it is easy to turn “boring” into dynamic content.

Although Dan is from the B2C world of selling mortgages, he doesn’t buy the argument that some industries are “boring.” He informed his packed session room of marketers (who must consider their industry less than thrilling as they showed up to a session entitled “Making Boring Industry Content Work for You Business”, after all), “We have to get over the ‘boring’ thing. We’re not boring to the people who want to find us and need what we sell.”

“Marketing now is all about being helpful and useful, not about being sexy,” Moyle explained. While mortgages and home buying may not seem “interesting”, those interested in it are often uninformed about the specifics involved in the process. Therefore, rather than aiming to appear as “sexy” or trying to sell himself and his company, Dan focused on the goal of simply being helpful. Churning out specific, relevant blog posts that answer the most common industry questions has helped Dan to have a very prolific online presence.

So how can you do the same? Moyer advises to call together your Sales representatives or customer service teams and find out exactly what questions they get asked most often. Those are exactly the type of questions you want to be answering in your content. Worried about coming up with a snappy headline? As it turns out, most people actually type the questions they want to ask into Google or another search engine as a full question, so consider tilting your content with the exact question your post answers—it will clearly explain the post, AND can help you rank higher on SEO.

Consider outlining your posts with questions that start with things like:

  • “How to…”
  • “Where is…”
  • “What is the best way to…”
  • “How much is…”

Don’t be afraid to give away too much information! Most consumers (B2C and B2B) nowadays do the MAJORITY of their buying only after researching online first. While including price ranges or too much detail may seem risky, the reality is you can establish yourself as a true thought leader and informational expert within your industry! “Use facts and stories rather than flash and flair to build trust,” he recommended, “Don’t just try to sell your company or your product.”

If you think your industry is ‘boring’, then it is even more likely your potential customers are turning to online outlets to get their information, rather than calling to talk to someone about it—so turn your company’s business expertise into online content that will truly compel them to engage with you!

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