TMCnet: More B2B Companies Relying on Mobile Apps for Marketing

A larger number of companies that sell products in the B2B space are moving onto more mobile approaches, using apps to get their pitches across and make sure that their sales teams are reeling in customers, according to Kaon Interactive, a 3D product marketing app developer. Kaon Interactive’s products take a completely functional and manipulable 3D model of a product and put it on the screen of a mobile device.

Mobile marketing has turned into a big market, with more businesses going the mobile route that streamlines the whole process of bringing customers to their gravitational pulls and keeping them there. Tablets, smartphones and apps have become enormous markets this year and new apps are making marketers dreams come true. It’s transforming the way that B2B works, and creating a new way to show products to customers.

But there’s always another side to every story. Sales teams all over the world are just downloading these new marketing apps and keeping away from them like technophobes. Research indicates that around 25 percent of business apps go straight into the trash the first time someone looks at them. After 90 days, only 35 percent of people who download apps are still using them.

Gavin Finn, Kaon Interactive’s CEO, said, “Mobile marketing apps have the potential to radically improve sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency if they are done right and leverage the interactivity that a mobile device offers to customers. In this competitive marketplace, organizations must provide personalized, engaging apps that deliver a smarter mobile experience, resulting in the relevant transfer of knowledge and enthusiasm for a company’s products to the customer.”

The Kaon 3D Product App is this company’s answer to the issue of customer engagement within a mobile environment. Their 3D product models hold a lot of promise, but do they deliver? Their research shows that the average user of their apps engages 5.8 times every week. They must be doing something right!

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