Kaon v-Rack: Differentiate and Virtually Showcase Telecom Products Like Never Before In Natural Environment

There’s irony in the fact that the products designed to facilitate modern communications are often the most difficult to talk about. The problem rests in the complexity of network and telecommunications products, and also the fact that it’s nearly impossible to effectively demonstrate what’s going on inside the box. Many pieces of network hardware often look like nearly identical large silver or black boxes, which makes it especially challenging to differentiate products against competitors’ similar offerings. Major telecom and computing equipment companies often have vast portfolios of products, each with it’s own unique features, benefits and value drivers. When you consider that products like rack servers, routers, switches and storage hardware can’t function outside of their natural environment, demonstrating and differentiating all of these products at trade shows or remote sales meetings is extremely difficult and expensive.

It is impossible for me to take a 7 foot server rack that weighs 1000lbs and put it on its side to show how it works. When we talk about connecting hardware systems to the racks, there is no way to show multiple options and demonstrate how the products could connect and function, unless I get on scaffolding or a ladder. With Kaon, I can launch the 3D Product Models and show how it bolts and connects, and I can do that right on the show floor at a moment’s notice.”

 – Tony Walker, Former VP of Marketing, Legrand Data Communications

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To combat this, innovative equipment marketers are turning to interactive 3D product demonstrations that look and behave just like the physical product, without the limitations of physical hardware. Virtual 3D Product Models can showcase hidden features and benefits of servers, switches, and other hardware, showing process animations and even visually illustrating how various offerings interact together. Marketing messages are integrated alongside the virtual products, explaining the key features and benefits of each piece of equipment in whatever sequence the user desires to investigate them, at whatever level of detail the user is interested in.

The latest trend in these interactive technologies for telecom equipment marketers is demonstrating 3D models on interactive touch screen appliances, mounted within an actual server rack, creating a unique user experience expressly relevant to a real-world environment. The virtual product demonstrations are so sophisticated that Sales teams can actually choose the products and configurations that appear within the server rack and have the ability to demonstrate any offering from the company’s portfolio at a moment’s notice. The interactivity of 3D models increases the effectiveness of demonstrations by involving users in the learning process, meaning prospects walk away with a better understanding of the value of the equipment.

For the first time ever, telecom equipment sales and marketers can demonstrate any and every product to prospects, taking advantage of the benefits of interactivity for increased engagement and knowledge transfer, while maintaining the familiar experience of seeing networking hardware immersed in a server rack. These revolutionary product demonstrations are the hottest trend at CiscoLive! 2013, the year’s premier education, training and exhibition event for IT, networking and communications professionals.  Industry-leading networking and telecom companies such as Cisco, NetApp, Nexus IS, EMC, VCE, LSI Corporation, Hitachi Data Systems are all utilizing these captivating real-world interactive demonstrations in their booths. If you are attending CiscoLive! 2013, be sure to look out for these cutting-edge virtual product racks and experience it for yourself!

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2 Responses to Kaon v-Rack: Differentiate and Virtually Showcase Telecom Products Like Never Before In Natural Environment

  1. thenoble1 says:

    I downloaded the Meson platform and vRack meson file today from Cisco’s partner site. It is really cool. I first saw it at EMC World and have been trying to track it down since

    One challenge I’m having though is running it across multiple displays. It seems to only open full screen with no way to spread across multiple monitors. There must be a way to do it since your demo obviously uses 2 monitors.

    Any shareable secrets? I’ve been fighting down the spanned monitor path but that seems to be a challenge with anything post Windows XP. Maybe I’ll need to throw together a high end XP machine to try it.

  2. Thanks for the comment! The Desktop version of the application is single-screen only.

    What you saw at EMC World is the Kaon v-Rack, which is a custom hardware solution that spans two touch screens. If you’d like more information on the Kaon v-Rack or interactive content please reach out to one of our specialists, Steve at 978-344-4125 or email info@kaon.com. Thank you!

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